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About Truflexen Muscle Builder

Truflexen Muscle has the power to power up your pump! The 100% natural formula boosts your workout by giving your muscles a punch of vitamins and nutrients that will boost your testosterone. Build lean muscle faster!

Truflexen Muscle formula has the proprietary blend of ingredients that have been shown to build lean muscle fast! How does it work? Through a combination of physiological effects, your body will start to produce more testosterone which is the building block of muscle and manliness!

Truflexen cranks up the intensity of your workouts and allows you to work out harder and longer. You will also gain the benefit of a higher level of concentration that will allow you to focus harder for longer periods of time. The focus will boost your workouts in and out of the gym!

How Truflexen Muscle Works

After a hard pump session in the gym, your muscles need three things to recover and grow: Insulin Growth Factor (IGF), Mecho Growth Factor (MGF), and Testosterone.

Your body produces these hormones naturally. AdrenoStack bumps the levels up so that your muscles recover faster and add more lean muscles cells.

The result? You’re back in the gym faster after a hard workout and you gain more muscle!

What Is In Truflexen Muscle Builder? Ingredients.


Is responsible for producing Nitric Oxide in the body. Nitric Oxide helps the blood vessels expand to carry more oxygen and blood to the muscles. Also encourages the release of insulin, a growth hormone. 


Is an amino acid chemical building block and a precursor to proteins. Proteins help your muscles recover and grow. L-Arginine will help your body to go harder and longer. 


Regarded as one of the best and safest muscle growth enhancers, the amino acid creatine makes recovery times shorter and muscles leaner! 


B Vitamins help give you a natural energy boost as well as help you concentrate for longer periods of time. Your focus will improve!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an immunity boosting vitamin that will keep you healthy so you can go for longer periods of time. 

No Pain, No Gain

More Results With
Less Work.

You put in the work. Get the results! If you are not supplementing your workouts, you are cheating yourself. You need to give your body what it needs for optimal performance and gains.

Truflexen gives your body a unique power packed combination of vitamins and minerals that force your muscles to get pumped. Why spend thousands of dollars/euros or whatever you spend on inferior products that don’t work? Get the best.

what They’re Saying

User Testimonials

“I’ve been lifting seriously for a few years and have tried many many products. Most of them have been absolute crap. Truflexen Muscle has given me two things: more energy for longer gym sessions and bigger gains from working out. I’ve been using them for about 6 months now and I’m bigger than ever.”

Phillip Jacobs

“I decided to get into lifting because i’ve always been pretty skinny and wanted to put on some muscle. When I first started I was depressed because I couldn’t gain any muscle. My friend I started to lift with suggested that I try some supplements that had more than just protein and creatine. I did some research and came across Truflexen. In the last few months I’ve noticed a significant increase in my muscle size that I didn’t have before. The best part is that there are no side effects like other products I researched.”

Smithy Martins

I used to lift a lot. Now I just lift to keep my size. I started to use Truflexen to get better results from each session. It worked! Although I don’t lift as much as I do now I’m still keeping on my muscle and even getting a little bigger with half the effort. 

Jonesy Fedderson

Get Truflexen

Ready to maximize your lifts and gains?! If so, this is how you are going to get it. First, you have to get it from the manufacturer. Why? Because Truflexen Muscle is new and isn’t ready to send to stores just yet. 

Getting it from the manufacturer means that you get the best price and promotions. 

Speaking of promotions, right now you can get your first bottle of Truflexen Muscle for the shipping price of $4.95! 

Ready to try your first bottle and hit beyond your potential? Click below to get started. 

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Get Motivated

Why a protein shake can be necessary at times

No, a protein shake is not that important but protein is. And, a protein shake is the easiest source of protein that is also quick to intake. Which mean whatever the benefits protein has a protein shake will also have. So, here are a couple of reasons why it can be very important especially for weightlifters:

Muscle growth:

Protein is essential for muscle growth, and it was obvious. Many athletes and gym goers use this for helping them stacking up the muscle and also sustain it.

A 2018 study of 49 other studies supports the use of protein supplements. These studies show that the protein shakes are significant helpers in muscle growth and strength in adult humans. They were talking about especially the ones who perform resistance training.  These are equally helpful in men and women but the effectiveness may decrease with age. It is because older people have more protein requirements.

Recovery after exercise:

Healing is important for muscle growth as it does that by repairing muscles that are broken down during an exercise or weight training. Many athletes use it for muscle recovery after their muscles are sore from an exercise.

Studies support this claim that protein supplements after exercise can aid in the recovery of muscles and tissues. This, in turn, improves muscle performance and the performance of muscle protein synthesis (a muscle building process).

Weight Management:

A protein-rich food can make us feel fuller and thus taking a protein supplement can have the same effect, or maybe even better. It is because it can have more quantity. Feeling full tends to result in smaller portion sizes, which can help a person maintain a healthy weight or lose weight if necessary. The snacking will also be less. Reduction of body weight and total fat mass in people who are overweight or obese can happen due to taking this protein supplement. This was suggested in a 2017 review. It also reduces blood pressure, total cholesterol and other risk factors of heart-related diseases.

Additional Nutrition:

A protein that is recommended for people aged 19 years and over is 46 g for women and for men 56 grams. People believe it is difficult to find this much source of protein. This is where the protein shake comes as an easier solution.

The recommended dose of protein shake may increase for Athletes, weightlifters, older adult or individuals afflicted with chronic ailments. Having about twice the daily recommended intake of protein, ranging from 1.4 to 2.0 g per kg of body weight is recommended for athletes who practice an intense training program. This equivalent to 111-159 g per day for an individual who is weighs around 175lb.

Final Words:

TruFlexen Muscle Building protein shake can provide all of these benefits to the user in just under $5. Its formula is a mixture of minerals and vitamins such as Creatine and B/C Vitamins. All of these helps with the energy boost and muscle building an individual needs for a fitness goal.

Why is TruFlexen Muscle Bodybuilder best for a chiseled look?

Why is TruFlexen Muscle Bodybuilder best for a chiseled look?

Every intermediate and even the beginner bodybuilders need a protein shake to pump their body with muscles. These bottles have different ingredients meaning it has the power to pump up your muscles to next level. It will give your muscles a great punch of vitamins and nutrients that will essentially boost your game to the top level and boost your testosterone to build lean muscle faster. So why is it the best:

It is got a great formula:

TruFlexen Muscle formula has the proprietary blend of ingredients that have been shown to build lean muscle fast! These create a psychological effect that essentially creates a good boost in the testosterone, a hormone associated with great muscle building. It also ups the levels of your workouts, which makes your workout longer yet easier. The results are great still and focus/concentration will also be boosted to a whole new level. You will focus a great a deal on your workout completely in and out of the gym.

The ingredients and formula:

It has got L-Citrulline, which produces Nitric Oxide in the body. NO produces more insulin (a growth factor) in the body to build more muscle mass. It has Creatine, an amino like acid, which helps with protein synthesis (a muscle building process). B and C vitamins for energy boosts. L-Arginine for building blocks of protein in your body. 

How it works:

After a long weight lifting session, your body needs 3 things to grow its muscle mass: Insulin Growth Factor, Mecho Growth Factor, and Testosterone.  All of these are produced in the body naturally. What the formula does is that it makes the production of these hormones much faster. This way your body gets more energy, more healing of the body after a workout and a lot more workouts. This way you get more muscle mass.

So, why it is best for a happy bodybuilder:

You get in the workouts, you obviously want the results. If you are not giving yourself a protein shake then obviously you are not giving yourself the optimal juice and tools needed for a better body. Just like a car needs fuels, to build our muscle bigger you need fuel to make it bigger.

TruFlexen gives you that optimal performance tool in the form of a protein bottle. It is packed with a combination of different mineral and vitamins to help your body grow into the desired body you want it to become. Why would you spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for something that does not work when you can get the best with less money.

Final words:

Now you know why AdreanStack is the best and it is the best at just $4.95 per bottle. Get this energy filled pack of protein, vitamins and other minerals in just under $5. If you do not believe use then check our homepage to find various testimonials from our valued and loyal customers. We hope we will be seeing you again.

How to maximize your appearance

How to maximize your appearance

Let’s get one thing straight guys – looks matter to women.

There, we said it.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

Of course, it’s not the ONLY thing women care about.  Your personality, charm, and the emotional connection you have with each other are all critical factors as well.

But at the end of the day, women really aren’t that different from us in this regard.

If you’re a single guy who’s looking to get more attention from the ladies, you probably intuitively know this.  But the reality is that even if you’re married or in a longterm relationship, maximizing your appearance and making your partner more attracted to you will do a lot for your sex life.

The good news is that most guys at any age can become at least decent looking fairly easily.

Your Fitness

Fitness is absolutely critical.  You’ll look better, feel better, and perform better in bed.

There are two factors that come into play here.  The first is muscle mass. While there is a limit, the more muscle you can build naturally (i.e. without using steroids), the better off you’ll be.  So make sure you’re training hard and hitting the gym at least three times per week.

The second factor is body fat.  Generally speaking, the leaner the better.  No, you don’t need a proper six pack to be attractive, but you should really do everything you can to get your body fat down.  Watch your calories, do your cardio, and stop putting crappy foods into your mouth, and you’ll be just fine.

Your Style

There’s nothing manly about dressing like crap.  Going to the mall and investing some money in a decent wardrobe is not only essential, it’s a fantastic “quick fix” that you can literally do TODAY.

The style you choose will depend largely on your age.  If you’re a younger guy, you can pull off a more casual (but still well put together) style.  If you’re an older guy, however, you should probably invest in more of the classic staples (suits, dress shoes, button down shirts, etc).

Your Grooming

Another hugely overlooked area for men. 

Fellas, if you have straggly nose hairs poking out of your face and you look like you haven’t showered in a week, most women aren’t going to want to have anything to do with you.  Get yourself a proper grooming routine – shaving, hair care, and “manscaping” (for those of you with excessive body hair) are all essentials.

You should also get yourself a decent haircut and make sure your hygiene is on point.

Your Skin

Like fashion and style, a lot of men still think skin care is for girls. 

Well it isn’t.  The quality of your skin says a lot about how well you take care of yourself.

Again, this is pretty easy for guys.  Wear sunscreen and buy a moisturizer.  And if you smoke and drink heavily, make sure you cut it out ASAP.

You’ll do a lot better with women if your face doesn’t look like a worn out baseball glove.

The best strength training movements for sex.

The best strength training movements for sex.

Not all movements are created equal in the world of strength training.

Ask anyone who’s been working out for a long time, and they’ll all tell you the exact same thing – some moves are simply better than others.

But while there are definitely movements that are simply better for building muscle in general, what doesn’t get talked about is the fact that some exercises are better for specific purposes than others – including sex.

Why The Lower Body Matters

Most guys have a really bad habit of neglecting the lower half of their body.  The logic makes sense – your legs are covered by long pants half the year, so why bother building them up if they’re not visible?

This is a BIG MISTAKE.  Not only is lower body strength important for functionality in general, it’s critical for being a beast in the bedroom (for obvious reasons).

You’ll notice as you go through this list of exercises that many (but not all) of the movements here are lower body dominant.

Exercise #1 – Squats

There’s no question about it – when it comes to lower body exercises, squatting is KING.  Not only is it a huge compound movement that comes with a surge of testosterone, but it also builds every single muscle in the lower body – glutes, quads, calves, hamstrings – if it’s below the waist, the squat will build it.

Exercise #2 – Deadlifts

In addition to neglecting the lower body in general, many guys have a particularly bad habit of neglecting the posterior chain (i.e. the back of the body).  This includes the hamstrings and the glutes, two of the most vital muscles for building power and stamina while you’re having sex.

The deadlift is the ultimate remedy for this imbalance.  It works every single muscle in both the lower and upper part of the posterior chain, and will help turn you into an absolute stud in the bedroom.

Exercise #3 – Bulgarian Split Squats

We’ve talked about the role of the posterior chain, and the glutes in particular are critical to this.  Many people don’t realize this, but your glutes are actually the single biggest muscle in your body.

Unfortunately, the majority of guys out there have weak, lazy glutes, typically caused by muscular imbalances and a sedentary lifestyle (sitting at a desk all day).  The result is a diminished performance in almost any activity you can think of.

The barbell back squat will definitely help with this, but if you really want to start engaging your glutes, start working the bulgarian split squat into your routine as well (trust us when we tell you that if you do it correctly, your ass will be ON FIRE).

Exercise #4 – The Bench Press

While the lower body is king, the upper body definitely matters as well is you want to build that total package (the majority women love a well-built set of shoulders and arms to grab on to).

There are a few different exercises to choose from, but one of the best bang for your buck options here is the bench press.  Done properly, it will build phenomenal pushing strength and a thick, powerful upper body.

The ideal male physique…

The ideal male physique…

While most of us guys would like to think that we workout and stay in shape solely for ourselves, the truth is this – at least on some level, we care about what women think of our bodies.

Which begs the question – what do women find attractive in the male physique?  And how can you start to develop some of those qualities?

Everyone Is Different

Before we jump into our list of common physical attributes women look for in a man, it’s important to put out this little disclaimer – these are COMMON physical attributes. 

Every woman is different, and every woman has slightly different preferences.  Some women like guys with an absolute ton of muscle, other prefer guys who have more of a “swimmers body” (or even guys who are skinny).

With that said, while there is a lot of variation between women, there’s no question that there’s a lot of overlap as well.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re hitting the gym.

Low Body Fat

This one is absolutely key.  Being lean is not only good for your testosterone levels, it’s fantastic for your overall attractiveness.  Not only will your body look better, your face will look more chiselled and defined as well.

You’ll also, paradoxically, look bigger and more muscular, since all that muscle that’s been covered in fat is now starting to show.

How lean is lean?  Again, there’s going to be some variation here, but in general as a guy, you should really shoot to be under 15% body fat (which is really not that difficult to maintain).

Broad Shoulder and Back

Referred to as the “V-taper” in fitness, building a nice set of wide shoulders with a thick, wide back should be a goal for any guy who trains with weights.  It’s a universal sign of power and vitality, and will make you appear bigger, stronger, and even taller.

Combine this with low body fat and a narrow waist, and you’ll have one of the defining features of a masculine physique.

There are a few different exercises you should be using in your workout if you’re looking to build this V-Taper.  Rows, pull-ups and deadlifts will all build width and thickness in the back, while presses should be your go to deltoid builders.

Powerful Glutes And Hamstrings

Most guys who go to the gym have the upper body stuff down pat.  Almost every dude who’s been working out for a while and reading all the bodybuilding magazines probably knows more chest and bicep workout routines/splits/training templates than they’ll ever have time to apply.

For the vast majority of men though, the lower body is CRIMINALLY neglected.  Not only is it vital for functional strength in general (and sex in particular), but the appearance of a powerful lower body is a major turn-on for women.

And when it comes to the lower body, there are two muscles in particular that stand out – the glutes and the hamstrings (yes, women love a well built ass as much as we do).

Achieving this look is relatively straight forward.  Pay attention to you posterior chain, and make sure you’re doing plenty of squat variations (barbell, bulgarian split squat, etc.) as well as deadlifts and hamstring curls.

How to develop the mind muscle connection

How to develop the mind muscle connection

While working out and lifting weights may seem excessively complicated for beginners, when it comes to the actual exercises themselves, it’s really not that confusing.

Think about a sport like wrestling – you have to spend countless hours on the mat working on all the subtle nuances of something like a double leg takedown.

A bench press, however, is a lot more straightforward.  While it does take some getting used to, you can have the technique down pat within a few weeks provided you work on it properly.

With that said, there is one aspect of form that SO MANY guys overlook – even years into their lifting career.

Today we’re going to be talking about the mind muscle connection – what it is, why you’re probably not doing it right, and why it’s critical to building muscle.

What Is The Mind Muscle Connection?

The mind muscle connection refers to the ability of your brain to contract and fire a certain muscle during a specific exercise. 

You see, many guys simply think of weight lifting as a simple process, in which moving the weight up and down in a particular direction is enough to stimulate the muscle. 

It isn’t.  You need to engage the neurological pathways as well.

Let’s take a dumbbell row as an example.  Many guys complain that rowing doesn’t engage their back as much as they’d like (despite it being primarily a “back exercise”).  The issue could be their technique – but it could also be a mind issue as well. 

When we row, our brain is suppose to send certain cues that cause use to engage and contract the various muscle fibres in our backs.  Instead, what happens to a lot of guys is that they end up overcompensating with their arms, and not getting the most out of the movement.

Why Does The Mind Muscle Connection Matter?

The first reason you want to focus on this is obvious.  A lack of engagement of the muscle fibres means that you’re not getting as much muscular development as you should be.

But it can also lead to some pretty nasty injuries down the road.  Take chin-ups for example, another exercise where guys make the mistake of not engaging their backs.  This can lead to you overcompensating with the arms, which puts strain on your joints and can lead to injuries like tendonitis.

How Can I Develop The Mind Muscle Connection?

There are a few things you can do to improve in this area if you’re lagging behind.

The first is to make sure you’re using the appropriate weight that lets you properly contract the muscle.  A lot of men let their egos get in the way and choose something that’s WAY to heavy for them. 

Resist the temptation boys.

You’ll also want to make sure you control the tempo.  You don’t necessarily need to be going super slow, but you do want to perform the exercises slow enough that you get a proper contraction.

Finally, make sure you warm up the target muscle before you start working it.  Doing this will kickstart the process of engaging them so that when it’s time to do the exercise, you’ll be fully primed and ready to get the most out of it.

Why Do Some Men Struggle To Gain Muscle?

Why Do Some Men Struggle To Gain Muscle?

“You need to start drinking protein shakes!” “Lift harder, you’ll get those gains!” If you are a man struggling to gain muscles, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this advice before.  The quest to build muscle mass can be very daunting, it’s easy on paper but extremely hard in actuality.

More often than not, men struggle to achieve lean mass because they fall victim to these critical mistakes:

Muscle-building Mistake #1: Not Eating Enough

Can you build a house with blueprints about construction workers but no raw materials? The simple answer is no. That’s exactly how one should look at building muscle.

To achieve the gains you want, you need the necessary nutrients to facilitate growth. When men fail to eat enough, they deprive their body the proteins, carbs, and fat that broken down into calories and used for repair and growth. Without excess calories, the resistance exercise they’re putting in won’t affect their muscles in any way.

Muscle-building Mistake #2: Inconsistency

Lack of consistency is the greatest enemy of men trying to bulk up. Come daylight, they’ll be hard at work at the gym, but as soon as they meet up with friends, they are devouring pizzas with a beer in their hand. Just because you need to eat to gain muscle does not mean you throw your dietary plan out the window.

You need to be consistent in your nutrition, training, and rest.

Muscle-building Mistake #3: Not Getting Enough Rest & Sleep  

Even though the work you put in in the gym is what causes your muscles to grow, change only occurs when you’re resting and sleeping.  While we are sleeping, the hormone responsible for muscle gain, human growth hormone (HGH), is at its highest then.

When you are sleep deprived, your body produces high levels of a catabolic hormone known as cortisol that breaks down muscle tissue.

Just like you charge your phone, they also need to sleep in order recharge their bodies.

Muscle-building Mistake #4: Too Much Cardio

 Adding cardio to an already inconsistent routine coupled with eating too little leaves most men struggling to show any muscle gain. If the main goal is betting built, then resistance training is what one should focus on.

They can add a little cardio here and there, but should not let it overshadow their other exercises.

Tips to Help You Get Gains

If you fall under this category of men making these mistakes, then chances are, you are working against yourself.

Step away from these mistakes and follow these three tips to help you enhance your muscle gains.

  • Incorporate isometric exercises

These exercises make the blood vessels that feed muscles stand out. Men who carry out isometric exercises, which involve performing part of an exercise without movement increase the size of their arteries by 11%.

  • Work out your biggest muscle

If you are a seasoned member of the gym, you’ll be able to muscles quickly if you focus on the large muscle groups like the chest, legs, and back.

  •  Eat something every three hours

Divide the number of calories you need in a day and divide it by six. That should give you a rough figure of how much you should eat every three hours.

If you know any guy struggling to gain muscle or if you are one of them, save yourself the torture and stop making these common mistakes. Instead, incorporate these tricks and more to get the results you want.

Why are Kettlebells All the Rage These Days?

Why are Kettlebells All the Rage These Days?

Years ago, if you walked into a gym you’d be surprised if you saw a kettlebell in sight. Kettlebells were seen as being weird, awkward, and unique and gyms would often not bother. Then something changed. People began seeing the true potential in kettlebells, personal trainers began adapting them into their programs, and they became more and more popular with each passing year. As soon as the CrossFit phenomenon took off, so too did kettlebells. Now, kettlebells are as common in commercial gyms as regular dumbbells. There are even kettlebell-only classes you can now take. But why are kettlebells all the rage these days? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Kettlebells build your grip – Grip strength is incredibly underrated in the fitness world nowadays. Having a strong grip will not only help you out in the gym, it will also carry over into everyday life as well and prove very beneficial for you there. Kettlebells are great for grip strength because they have a thicker handle. What’s more, as they have a different centre of gravity to dumbbells, your grip strength improves thanks to the static and dynamic contractions of your muscles as you attempt to control the motion of the kettlebell.

Great for the core – Another very beneficial reason why kettlebells are so popular is because of the fact that they are great for the core. Because of the shape of the kettlebells and the nature of many kettlebell exercises, you often find yourself utilizing your core stabilizer muscles to keep your body straight as you perform the exercise. Your core is where your strength emanates from, so the stronger your core, the stronger you will likely be. A strong core also helps promote functional strength. This is important as functional strength will carry over into everyday life. This is one of the main reasons why so many people sing the praises of CrossFit.

Kettlebells are great for cardio – When training with kettlebells, one thing you will notice is the fact that they are so much more physical taxing on the body than dumbbells. If you perform a set of dumbbell curls, your biceps will of course benefit but you shouldn’t find yourself becoming especially short of breath. If you perform a few typical kettlebell exercises however, such as kettlebell swings, or kettlebell military presses, you’ll find yourself becoming increasing tired and out of breath. Kettlebell training is therefore the perfect combination of resistance training and cardiovascular training, making it awesome for people looking to get fit, build muscle, and burn fat.

You don’t need anything fancy – Finally, the last reason why they’re so popular is that kettlebells are basic, but hugely beneficial. To enjoy a physically demanding full-body workout, all you need is a kettlebell or two, an open space, and maybe a bench for some exercises. It really is that simple.

Three Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels in Men

Three Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels in Men

As men we might find ourselves in situations where we face complications related to our sexual drive. Testosterone is the main male hormone which is produced in a male’s testicles. Testosterone in scientific terms is a steroid hormone which is responsible for our sexual drive. As a man enter his late 30’s and sometimes even before, he might face the a problem in terms of low production of testosterone. In fact, testosterone is the single most important hormone that defines a man from another gender. Testicles produce testosterone during the phase of puberty. During this phase, a boy undergoes transformation in terms of pubic hair, muscles growth and facial hair. These traits solely happen because of the production of testosterone.

Regardless of what age you’re currently in. Healthy amounts of testosterone levels are essential for your human body. Here are three natural ways to improve testosterone levels:

Stay away from Stress:

Stress is something that most of us suffer from. After all, we live in a highly volatile world and combating stress can be difficult. Though, stress in certain phases is normally and does not affect our health much. But prolonged phases of stress can essentially be damaging to a human body. Scientific research proclaims the fact that prolonged periods of stress can increase cortisol levels in a body and in turn can reduce testosterone levels. This happens typically because of the fact that stress induces bodily changes as one might increase food consumption and fall under the trap of obesity. This will naturally increase your cortisol levels on the expense of your testosterone levels. Hence, avoiding stressful situations or events is deemed to be vital in maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

Vitamin D:

We’ve all heard great things about Vitamin D and how amazing it can be for a human body. What we haven’t heard is the fact that an increase in VItamin D will also increase testosterone levels in men. Vitamin D is an essential compound for the human body, and despite its essentiality it is barely consumed by people. Research suggests that regular intake of VItamin D can increase testosterone levels by nearly 25% which is a staggering number. Vitamin D can be consumed through direct sunlight or maybe you can take a supplement.


One shouldn’t be surprised to find exercise in the list. Exercising is obviously beneficial for the entire body and testosterone levels can be increased significantly. Basically, exercising means physical exertion or lifting weight which will increase muscles growth. The main link between the testosterone levels and exercise is that exercise will decrease your weight which in turn will increase testosterone levels. If you already exercise then we suggest to go through high-intensity training schedule which is proven to be even more effective.

The three points mentioned above are actually quick fixes. Once you adopt these in your life, your testosterone levels will remain healthy and you’ll have a better sexual drive than ever before.

The Importance of NOT Overtraining

The Importance of NOT Overtraining

I get it,
you finally got round to working out, have been consistent with it, the gains
and improvements are incredible, and now you can’t imagine a day going by
without working out. While your passion is commendable able, you do need to
take it slow. Working out and training without giving yourself ample time to
rest and recover can actually revert all your progress and leave you feeling
burnt out.

Sure it’s
good to stick to a consistent routine, but if your routine does not include
rest, then you are overtraining yourself. When you are over trained, your body
slowly starts becoming weaker and you can longer keep up with both the
frequency and intensity of your routine. On top of an overall regression in
your progress, your body is now more prone to injuries like strains, sores,
muscle pulls, and others. 

Signs That You Are Overtraining

When you
overexert yourself in the gym, the tipping point is referred to as overtraining
syndrome (OTS).  The following signs and
symptoms are the biggest indicators that you are now overtraining:

  1. Decreased performance
  2. Increased perceived effort during
    seemingly effortless workouts
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Insomnia and restlessness
  5. Excessive fatigue
  6. Nagging injuries
  7. Moodiness and agitation
  8. Imbalances in your metabolism
  9. Psychological stress

Avoiding Overtraining

If you want
to ensure that you are not overtraining, implement the following strategies to
ensure that your routine has a balance between working out and resting.

  • Set

You are not supposed to train until you drop. Establish a healthy
routine, schedule, and duration that work best for you and your body.

  • Eat

 Research has it that carbohydrate
intake is vital to muscular recovery and energy. If you can help the body to
recover faster, you will reduce the incidence of overtraining.

  • Get
    some good rest

The vital aspect of overtraining is the failure of the body to recover
and rest enough; you will never be free from the possibilities of overtraining
if you are not resting. It is alright to introduce a siesta just to get more

  • Get

You do not always have to go in smoking hot. It is alright to alternate
your routines and stick to simple basic routines when you notice that you have
not fully recovered from the rigors of the previous workout routine.

  • Get
    regular massage

 Sometimes you get tension built up
deep within muscles and it might not wear off for a while; a good massage can
just do the magic and accelerate recovery and full functionality in record

  • Freshen

 One of the best ways to get past
overtraining and lack of gym results is to change your routines and have
something else you are not used to. It breaks the monotony, increases
excitement and stimulates the body and mind in new ways.

The paradox
of overtraining is one that affects many men during their health and fitness
journey. Don’t be your worst enemy by being counterintuitive in your workout,
train hard but account for rest as well.