While most of us guys would like to think that we workout and stay in shape solely for ourselves, the truth is this – at least on some level, we care about what women think of our bodies.

Which begs the question – what do women find attractive in the male physique?  And how can you start to develop some of those qualities?

Everyone Is Different

Before we jump into our list of common physical attributes women look for in a man, it’s important to put out this little disclaimer – these are COMMON physical attributes. 

Every woman is different, and every woman has slightly different preferences.  Some women like guys with an absolute ton of muscle, other prefer guys who have more of a “swimmers body” (or even guys who are skinny).

With that said, while there is a lot of variation between women, there’s no question that there’s a lot of overlap as well.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re hitting the gym.

Low Body Fat

This one is absolutely key.  Being lean is not only good for your testosterone levels, it’s fantastic for your overall attractiveness.  Not only will your body look better, your face will look more chiselled and defined as well.

You’ll also, paradoxically, look bigger and more muscular, since all that muscle that’s been covered in fat is now starting to show.

How lean is lean?  Again, there’s going to be some variation here, but in general as a guy, you should really shoot to be under 15% body fat (which is really not that difficult to maintain).

Broad Shoulder and Back

Referred to as the “V-taper” in fitness, building a nice set of wide shoulders with a thick, wide back should be a goal for any guy who trains with weights.  It’s a universal sign of power and vitality, and will make you appear bigger, stronger, and even taller.

Combine this with low body fat and a narrow waist, and you’ll have one of the defining features of a masculine physique.

There are a few different exercises you should be using in your workout if you’re looking to build this V-Taper.  Rows, pull-ups and deadlifts will all build width and thickness in the back, while presses should be your go to deltoid builders.

Powerful Glutes And Hamstrings

Most guys who go to the gym have the upper body stuff down pat.  Almost every dude who’s been working out for a while and reading all the bodybuilding magazines probably knows more chest and bicep workout routines/splits/training templates than they’ll ever have time to apply.

For the vast majority of men though, the lower body is CRIMINALLY neglected.  Not only is it vital for functional strength in general (and sex in particular), but the appearance of a powerful lower body is a major turn-on for women.

And when it comes to the lower body, there are two muscles in particular that stand out – the glutes and the hamstrings (yes, women love a well built ass as much as we do).

Achieving this look is relatively straight forward.  Pay attention to you posterior chain, and make sure you’re doing plenty of squat variations (barbell, bulgarian split squat, etc.) as well as deadlifts and hamstring curls.