As men we might find ourselves in situations where we face complications related to our sexual drive. Testosterone is the main male hormone which is produced in a male’s testicles. Testosterone in scientific terms is a steroid hormone which is responsible for our sexual drive. As a man enter his late 30’s and sometimes even before, he might face the a problem in terms of low production of testosterone. In fact, testosterone is the single most important hormone that defines a man from another gender. Testicles produce testosterone during the phase of puberty. During this phase, a boy undergoes transformation in terms of pubic hair, muscles growth and facial hair. These traits solely happen because of the production of testosterone.

Regardless of what age you’re currently in. Healthy amounts of testosterone levels are essential for your human body. Here are three natural ways to improve testosterone levels:

Stay away from Stress:

Stress is something that most of us suffer from. After all, we live in a highly volatile world and combating stress can be difficult. Though, stress in certain phases is normally and does not affect our health much. But prolonged phases of stress can essentially be damaging to a human body. Scientific research proclaims the fact that prolonged periods of stress can increase cortisol levels in a body and in turn can reduce testosterone levels. This happens typically because of the fact that stress induces bodily changes as one might increase food consumption and fall under the trap of obesity. This will naturally increase your cortisol levels on the expense of your testosterone levels. Hence, avoiding stressful situations or events is deemed to be vital in maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

Vitamin D:

We’ve all heard great things about Vitamin D and how amazing it can be for a human body. What we haven’t heard is the fact that an increase in VItamin D will also increase testosterone levels in men. Vitamin D is an essential compound for the human body, and despite its essentiality it is barely consumed by people. Research suggests that regular intake of VItamin D can increase testosterone levels by nearly 25% which is a staggering number. Vitamin D can be consumed through direct sunlight or maybe you can take a supplement.


One shouldn’t be surprised to find exercise in the list. Exercising is obviously beneficial for the entire body and testosterone levels can be increased significantly. Basically, exercising means physical exertion or lifting weight which will increase muscles growth. The main link between the testosterone levels and exercise is that exercise will decrease your weight which in turn will increase testosterone levels. If you already exercise then we suggest to go through high-intensity training schedule which is proven to be even more effective.

The three points mentioned above are actually quick fixes. Once you adopt these in your life, your testosterone levels will remain healthy and you’ll have a better sexual drive than ever before.