You’ve no doubt seen and read the memes about real friends not letting their buddies skip leg day, and if you know your way around a gym, you’ll know why that is. No, it’s not just because you’ll look ridiculous in shorts if you have a huge upper body and skinny chicken legs. One of the main reasons to train your legs is because of the fact that doing so will help you to naturally increase your testosterone levels. This may sound like a “bro science” myth but there is actually a lot of truth to this, and it is backed up by real science and research. We’ll look at why leg training boosts testosterone in just a moment, before giving you a few tips to have an awesome leg day.


How training the legs boosts testosterone

Okay, there is a lot of science behind this, but as we need to keep things brief, we’ll make it as simple as we can. Basically, when people train their legs, and by training their legs we mean train them properly, they can help their bodies to naturally produce more anabolic and androgenic hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. This is because your largest muscles in the body are located in and around your legs and lower body. When you work these muscles properly, the body has to work harder to repair them and build stronger muscle tissues there, so it needs help from its hormone supplies, and basically tells everything to work harder and produce more. As we say, there’s heaps more science to it, but you get the idea.


How to crush your leg workouts

If performed correctly, leg training will not only help you to build awesome wheels, it will also help you in many other ways. More anabolic hormones mean more muscle and greater levels of strength in general. On top of that, your sex drive, libido, and erections will also improve. Put simply: Get to the gym and start training your legs! Here are a couple of leg training tips.



Leg day wouldn’t be leg day without the humble squat. The barbell squat is the reigning king of the leg day exercises and will be until the end of time itself. The reason leg day is so tough is largely because squats are so brutal, but in a good way. Squats are compound exercises that will target multiple muscles in your legs at once, so be sure to base your leg day around them. Mix things up from time to time as well and try front squats, hack squats, dumbbell squats, and even just bodyweight squats.


Mix things up

We know that leg exercises are limited when compared with other muscle groups, but there are still more than enough exercises and pieces of equipment out there to give you a fantastic leg session. Try different exercises, different weights, different sets, and different reps and be sure to really push yourself.