Years ago, if you walked into a gym you’d be surprised if you saw a kettlebell in sight. Kettlebells were seen as being weird, awkward, and unique and gyms would often not bother. Then something changed. People began seeing the true potential in kettlebells, personal trainers began adapting them into their programs, and they became more and more popular with each passing year. As soon as the CrossFit phenomenon took off, so too did kettlebells. Now, kettlebells are as common in commercial gyms as regular dumbbells. There are even kettlebell-only classes you can now take. But why are kettlebells all the rage these days? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Kettlebells build your grip – Grip strength is incredibly underrated in the fitness world nowadays. Having a strong grip will not only help you out in the gym, it will also carry over into everyday life as well and prove very beneficial for you there. Kettlebells are great for grip strength because they have a thicker handle. What’s more, as they have a different centre of gravity to dumbbells, your grip strength improves thanks to the static and dynamic contractions of your muscles as you attempt to control the motion of the kettlebell.

Great for the core – Another very beneficial reason why kettlebells are so popular is because of the fact that they are great for the core. Because of the shape of the kettlebells and the nature of many kettlebell exercises, you often find yourself utilizing your core stabilizer muscles to keep your body straight as you perform the exercise. Your core is where your strength emanates from, so the stronger your core, the stronger you will likely be. A strong core also helps promote functional strength. This is important as functional strength will carry over into everyday life. This is one of the main reasons why so many people sing the praises of CrossFit.

Kettlebells are great for cardio – When training with kettlebells, one thing you will notice is the fact that they are so much more physical taxing on the body than dumbbells. If you perform a set of dumbbell curls, your biceps will of course benefit but you shouldn’t find yourself becoming especially short of breath. If you perform a few typical kettlebell exercises however, such as kettlebell swings, or kettlebell military presses, you’ll find yourself becoming increasing tired and out of breath. Kettlebell training is therefore the perfect combination of resistance training and cardiovascular training, making it awesome for people looking to get fit, build muscle, and burn fat.

You don’t need anything fancy – Finally, the last reason why they’re so popular is that kettlebells are basic, but hugely beneficial. To enjoy a physically demanding full-body workout, all you need is a kettlebell or two, an open space, and maybe a bench for some exercises. It really is that simple.